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Automation:  Control the power, it pays off !

Type MAS-A-B-C-D-E-F-G, where:

  • A - type of the turbine mover;
  • B - turbine head and flow;
  • C - generator type;
  • D - generator speed;
  • E - speed range capability;
  • F - network type;
  • G - output phases, voltage, frequency, connection and electric power.

Example: MAS-KA-15m-700l/sec-SQIN-1500rpm-VS-GO-3x400Vac-50Hz-Yo-80 kW.

While large power units can only be connected to the national grid, small units can supply island networks as well. Adequately structured MAS variant (with storage batteries, ballast load controller, softstarter, variable speed drive, etc.) will be supplied depending on the site characteristics, generator and network type.

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