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Synch machine:  A classic for constant speed turbine !

Depending on requested power, speed, voltage and mechanical input, different type generators be provided:

  • WRSY - wound rotor excitation winding, with brushes and slip-rings;
  • PMSY - permanent magnet excitation units;
  • SBSY - shunt brushless excitation, with or without built-in AVR (automatic voltage regulator).

Several arragements (1/3-phase, horizontal or vertical, open-drip proof, etc.) of synchronous generators are available.

The classic WRSY generator is commonly used in constant speed grid operated application. While requesting a start-up synchronisation device, it allows the implementation of a power factor control loop, irregardingly of the load.

The PMSY generator types are equally used in small (0.5-10 kW, 4-6 poles) and medium (300-600 kW, 10-12 poles) power range, allowing speed variations through 4Q frequency converters.

The SBSY generator type, with or without AVR (automatic voltage regulator) is the most common solutions for 10-2000 kW, 4-6 poles. When using grid operated PMSY and SBSY, the output power factor varies with load and cannot be controlled.

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