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MAS (microhydro automation systems) have a modular architecture, fitted to local site conditions. The code type is composed of 7 fields, composed as follows:

MAS-A-B-C-D-E-F-G,  where:

  • A - type of the turbine mover: KA - Kaplan; PE - Pelton; TU - Turgo;  FR - Francis; PAT - pump as turbine; BA - Banki;
  • B - rated turbine head (m) and flow (l/sec.);
  • C - generator type: SQIN - squirrel cage induction; WRIN - wound rotor induction; CEIN - capacitor excited induction; WRSY - wound rotor synchronous; PMSY - permanent magnet synchronous; SISY - shunt brushless synchronous;
  • D - rated generator speed (rpm);
  • E - speed capability: CS - constant speed; VS - variable speed;
  • F - feeding capability: GO - grid operated; IO - island operated;
  • G - rated output: phases, voltage (V), frequency (Hz), connection, electric power (kW).

For instance, MAS-KA-15m-700l/sec-SQIN-1515rpm-VS-GO-3x400Vac-50Hz-Yo-80 kW, defines the structure of a small scale hydro automation system which manages a Kaplan turbine with 15 m head at 700 l/sec., which moves with variable speed a 1515 rpm squirrel cage induction generator, capable of supplying the national electric grid with 3x400 Vac, at 50 Hz, offering a Yo earthed network, capable to produce 80 kW of electric power.

Depending on the site characteristics, adequately structured MAS variant (with storage batteries, ballast load controller, softstarter, variable speed drive, etc.) will be supplied.

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